Aerial Roof Surveys

Aerial imaging affords us a more complete look at the “bigger” picture – of your roof. On larger commercial and industrial roofing projects this form of inspection is a more cost-effective and a more thorough examination than a walk-on roof inspection.

Proven approach

Aerial ViewThis proven approach is highly accurate in detecting moisture at its earliest stages so issues can be addressed before there are visible signs, structural damage or business interruptions. By using infrared scan technology, a building owner or property manager can significantly extend the life of their roof while reducing overall maintenance expenditures. Traditional roof inspection methods require a time-consuming grid type contact search (capacitance testing) that can involve drilling holes for core samples in the roof membrane. This inspection method is not usually recommended because of how intrusive it can be.

Your Roof Should Be Inspected Annually

Far too often…the cause of a roof failure is the absence of proper maintenance and inspection. Periodic roof inspections and maintenance to correct deficient conditions can significantly increase the service life of any roof system. A regularly scheduled maintenance program will avoid expensive emergency costs that can occur without maintenance. Some Houston roofing contractors offer a free annual inspection program to help keep your roof in top condition and avoid failure and un-necessary roof repairs. Commercial flat roofs can last up to twenty years if correctly installed and properly maintained but even experienced roofing companies may fall short on seeing what is underneath the top layer.

Why have an Aerial Infrared Flat Roof Survey?

Documented savings through early detection of moisture issues
Reduces on-the-roof survey time by several nights.
Accurately forecast and prioritize funding allocation saving thousands in unplanned repairs.
The entire roof surface is surveyed at the same time, allowing for unique imaging for benchmarking overall conditions.
Infrared images and daytime photos are coordinated for easy identification of roof areas.
Unscheduled downtime, equipment damage, and product losses can be avoided.
Insurance premium savings may be available.
Roof areas needing design improvements can be addressed.
Roof life can be extended by as much as 100%.
Damage to structural roof components can be prevented.
Energy Savings can be achieved by finding damaged insulation and air leaks.

When is an aerial roof inspection not a good idea?

An aerial roof survey will be less effective if your roof is a standing seam metal roof or a roof that has highly reflective coatings applied to it. If you have a smaller commercial roof, a walk-on infrared scan is a better use of finances and will be just as effective due to the smaller surface area.